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Mar 3, 2019 Undercover: Season 1 - Episode 2

Undercover S01E02 "Highly Sensitive" Description

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After a month, the brass worries the undercover produces only expense accounts. Cocky henchman Jurgen Van Kamp keeps provoking Bob, who can't resist putting the macho in his place, which causes public, strife. Drug baron Ferry scolds 'vague' police mole Walter Devos and Jurgen, who misses out on promotion to drug lab supervisor, but also tells Bob 'too much like I was' to stay out of the way. Handler Nick decides the better option now is Ferry's superstitious, gullible wife Danielle Bouman, whom Kim is to save from a fake mugger, but she makes a bad fall and panics over her runaway pooch, so Bob has to help find and return it.

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Undercover S01E02 Torrents

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