The Real Fans of the Saga


After making 2 critically acclaimed Star Wars documentaries, Filmmaker Cris Macht wanted to do another Star Wars related project. Cris' wife loves reality TV as much as he loves Star Wars so he had the idea and inspiration to do a "reality style" project based around Star Wars fans! Cris was also very inspired by passionate "conversations" he had with fans while making his 1st 2 Star Wars documentaries. he found it difficult to capture the "conversations" in the documentaries due to subjects being a little nervous while being interviewed - While filming the reality show - THE REAL FANS OF THE was much easier and "natural" to capture this! The Real Fans project was filmed at the start of 2015 and followed 4 completely different fans (that are friends) to Celebration Anaheim all through well over a year (including leading up to The Force Awakens and after it's release).

The Real Fans of the Saga has 3 torrents available in 480p, 720p and 1080p. Select a season below to find some and start downloading.

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