The Prosecutors: In Pursuit Of Justice

THE PROSECUTORS, a serious/in depth series from New Dominion Pictures, explores the complexities of the American judicial system through the eyes of the dedicated men and women who work in it. This series is set amidst the grim reality of backlogged courts, the overworked police stations and on the hardening streets of America. It profiles leading prosecutors, as well as young attorneys just discovering the laws of the legal jungle. Viewers will hear the horrendous stories of the victims and their families as they turn to prosecutors in the face of tragedy, as well as the many judges, investigators and defense attorneys who work in this unique setting. This series will explore the relationships that bind these players, the tension that separates them and the inspiration that drives them all. It will define what makes the rule of law the powerful but sometimes precarious mechanism (or machine?) this nation has come to rely upon. THE PROSECUTORS is more than a series about crime and the people we entrust to protect us from it, it is also about justice, and those who bring it to light.

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