The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle


The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, written by Jennifer Saunders and clinical psychologist Dr Tanya Byron, takes a dark, comedic look at the daytime talk-show format. Host Vivienne is a straight-talking protagonist, like Sally Jesse Raphael, Ricki Lake, Jeremy Kyle and Dr Phil all rolled into one. But her ambition knows no bounds – she wants to be Oprah. Flattened by a blundering security guard on set following a punch from a guest, Vivienne is hospitalised and begins to question her future as a talk-show host – until her manic producer, Helena, reveals that ratings have doubled as a result of all the drama. Cue an ever-more determined Vivienne, who dreams of becoming the next Oprah and embarks on a quest to book the guests with the most tragic stories to tell. The influx of troubled visitors to the show sparks a new recruit to the behind-the-scenes crew, in the shape of show psychotherapist Dr Jonathan Fowler.

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