Inside the Gangsters' Code


INSIDE THE GANGSTERS’ CODE is an all-new series following ex-mafia street boss Lou Ferrante as he explores different gang cultures, their characters, and their inner workings. In El Salvador he meets the infamous 18th Street gang - meeting their leader Viejo Lin. The Commandos are one of the most dangerous gangs in the Philippines, Lous learns about the gang war they're engaged in, that spills bloodily from prison to the streets. The Burqueños run New Mexico and Lou has his work cut our for him trying to break through their code of silence. The Camorra in Naples are at least 300 years old, and were an organisation reputedly built on respect and honour, and yet these days it thrives on chaos. Finally in Poland, Lou meets the Grypsers in a bid to find out if this notorious gang are one and the same with the powerful Polish Mafia. These gangs rule the streets from inside prison walls, while running activities from behind bars and controlling the communities living outside. Lou will set out to explain their origins, history, partners, motivations and political sway in more personal detail and with an insight and passion never before applied to the subject. Lou immerses himself in their respective cultures, both inside and outside of prisons. He lives alongside prisoners, talk to guards, get under the skin of gang members, and meets top tier “soldiers,” following the trail of gang power from prison to the outside world, meeting key figures and family to provide an insider’s perspective of a notoriously clandestine world.

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