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Jul 24, 2020 Gardeners' World: Season 53 - Episode 19

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If you have been growing tomatoes along with Monty, he shows what you should be doing now that they have been planted out and gives advice on the summer maintenance of ponds. Nick Bailey travels to South Africa, where he searches for the wild cousins of one of the most vibrant of summer flowers, the Crocosmia, and garden historian Advolly Richmond goes to Alton Towers to take a close look at the Victorian trend of creating theme parks in their gardens. There’s a second chance to meet a couple in Staffordshire who are very particular about the colours of the plants they use in the borders of their cottage garden, and last year we travelled to Kent to meet a gardener who filled her garden with pots full of vibrant colour.

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Gardeners' World S53E19 Torrents

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