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May 29, 2020 Gardeners' World: Season 53 - Episode 11

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If you have been growing tomatoes along with Monty, join him at Longmeadow as he shows how to pot them on to the next stage of their growth, and as well potting up tender vegetables, he is planting containers for summer colour. Adam Frost is enjoying the seasonal plants in his garden and has ideas of transforming a part of his plot into a seating area using a few logs and plants. In London, Arit Anderson and her family have been making the most of their time at home by filling a range of imaginative containers with a variety of plants. Frances Tophill explores spring flowering trees and their benefits for bees, and the episode goes indoors to discover how one man has designed his home around his love of houseplants. And there are also more viewers’ videos of what people have been getting up to in their own gardens.

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Gardeners' World S53E11 Torrents

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