Delayed Justice

2020 - 2021

Tae Yong, a high-school-graduate lawyer, only believed in his conception dream of a dragon descending to the sky. Since he couldn't find any client or a law firm he can work with, he becomes a public defendant for 300 dollars per case. However, Tae Yong becomes rich by defending all kinds of petty criminals. By winning the retrials of various criminal cases, he want to become the voice of the jurisdiction's victims. After learning that he can't change the world by himself, Tae Yong works with Sam Soo to confront the great power. After miraculous getting into college, Sam Soo used to be a successful journalist with his talents, but he is currently jobless. As Tae Yong scouts him saying that they should write the history of jurisdiction together, Sam Soo challenges the great power of jurisdiction. The passionate challenge of these two not-so-perfect men begins.

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