Donal's Asian Baking Adventure


Donal's Asian Adventure follows Irish food writer, photographer and television presenter Donal Skehan as he heads east to explore the flavours and secrets of Asian baking, with stops in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. With Western-influenced baked goods becoming incredibly popular in the East, which is undergoing a baking explosion, Donal explores how the two cultural regions have influenced one another. Donal is inspired by the range of cakes, breads and savoury snacks on offer in Asia, where taste and presentation are equally important - this is food for the Instagram generation From the very latest pandan croissants and matcha (green tea) cakes to black sesame scones, the cheese tart craze to traditional dim sum, wedding trends and popular street snacks, Donal gathers inspiration from a range of local experts to pull together his top 20 easy recipes for fantastic Asian bakes.

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