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Sep 20, 2020 Countryfile: Season 32 - Episode 38

Countryfile S32E38 "One Man and His Dog" Description

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Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith are with four of the UK’s top shepherds and their amazing sheepdogs for this year’s Countryfile One Man and His Dog competition. It is taking place on a tough course in the grounds of historic Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, which will really test man and dog alike. Coronavirus means things have to look a little different this year, with just one competitor from each home nation vying for glory. But this socially distanced shepherding showdown is as testing and competitive as ever. The premier league of shepherding talent from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland must battle it out over two rounds – the ‘singles’, where they run one dog, and the notoriously difficult ‘brace’, where they must work two dogs at the same time. Whoever gets the highest combined score will secure the pride of their nation and the coveted One Man and His Dog title. Who’s got what it takes?

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