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Nov 3, 2019 Countryfile: Season 31 - Episode 44

Countryfile S31E44 "Autumn Special" Description

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In this special programme, the team are looking at all things autumn. Ellie is on Alderney, where autumn storms have washed up seaweed that's providing a seasonal feast for an unexpected animal. She also takes part in a survey of gannets' nests, now that the birds have left for the winter. Steve is in North Yorkshire exploring the colours of autumn and finding out what causes this seasonal display. John takes a walk in the footsteps of the poet John Keats and explores the landscape that inspired his famous poem To Autumn, written 200 years ago this autumn. Anita is on the farm of Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks, getting some hints on pickling and preserving autumn produce. And Adam is in Herefordshire, meeting some farmers turning their seasonal crop of spuds into vodka.

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