CESTVS -The Roman Fighter- 1x08 Torrents

Jun 3, 2021 CESTVS -The Roman Fighter-: Season 1 - Episode 8

CESTVS -The Roman Fighter- S01E08 "Epiphany" Description

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Cestvs wins his first fight of the qualifier, but he is irritated for reasons he doesn't understand, and even clashes with the other fighting slaves. He can feel that his training has produced results, but something's not right... As Cestvs struggles with the problem, Zafar tells him to open his eyes. He must discover the answer for himself and apply what he has learned. After training with a clear mind and doing some self-reflection, Cestvs finds the feeling he's been looking for. However, his next opponent is a powerful professional gladiator who uses a style unlike anything he's faced before.

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CESTVS -The Roman Fighter- S01E08 Torrents

There are 1 torrent for CESTVS -The Roman Fighter-: Season 1 - Episode 8 available in 1080p.

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