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Mar 26, 2020 Car SOS: Season 8 - Episode 3

Car SOS S08E03 "Hillman Imp" Description

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Tim and Fuzz travel to Stroud in Gloucestershire to take on a 1973 Hillman Imp which has been abandoned for decades in a dusty barn. The car belongs to former NHS theatre nurse Margaret (70) who has owned and loved Imps since she first started to drive. Her beloved car nicknamed 'Tin Lizzie' was her pride and joy until it started to need a lot of work to keep it on the road. Aided by her husband Margaret started work on the car but mid restoration her husband passed away with COPD. Her father who took over the project but he also died shortly after, leaving mother of two Margaret without the time or the knowhow to complete the job. By the time...

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