Ultraman Z 1x07 Torrents

Jul 31, 2020 Ultraman Z: Season 1 - Episode 7

Ultraman Z S01E07 "His Majesty's Medal" Description

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​Riku Asakura was kidnapped by someone! Riku's hidden power is being used to create something evil...! And the enemy's powerful Belial Fusion Monster appears! As peril befalls out heroes, Ultraman Z's master, Ultraman Zero appears! Shatter the enemy's evil ambitions, Z, Geed, and Zero!

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Full Season Torrents for Ultraman Z: Season 1

Great news! While there are currently no torrents available for this individual episode, we do have some torrents that contain the entire season. In fact, we have 4 torrents for Ultraman Z: Season 1 available in 480p and 1080p.

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