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May 15, 2019 21 Again: Season 1 - Episode 2

21 Again S01E02 Description

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Five daughters have sent their mums undercover as 21-year-olds to bridge the generation gap and bring them closer. Now into the second phase of the experiment, it's time to up the ante as the girls pack their mums off to work. What the girls do, or want to do, for a living has caused rifts in their relationships, so this week the girls want to set their mums straight. The girls turn the tables and challenge their mums to find out what the world of work is like for Gen Z. Harjit and Monera try out the glamorous life of a social media influencer at an online fashion brand audition. They've got to fake it as young Instagrammers and try to make it onto the brand’s Insta feed, but Harjit’s already out of her depth when she's asked to pick and style outfits. Monera, however, throws herself into the challenge, launching her own account and getting spotted online, while her daughter watches on in horror. From the dream job to the reality – Rachel’s daughter, Taylor, packs her off to experience her own unpredictable lifestyle in the gig economy, working a zero-hours contracts. Much to mum’s horror, she's packed off to a food delivery company and despite setting off believing it will be a doddle, her shift turns into chaos. The stress the mums feel after a couple of days of work is nothing compared to the anxiety some of the girls suffer as they all take part in a revealing mental health test - where some of the girls’ results shock their mums.

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21 Again S01E02 Torrents

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