Season1: Norwegian drama from Oslo East. Family and friends' expectations crash, and Abdi struggles to juggle his different lives. In 17 days, he is forced to make the biggest choice of his life. Season2: Norwegian drama. 18-year-old Emrah wants to be "self made" on Oslo's sometimes tough eastern edge. To achieve this goal, he is recruited into a criminal gang environment where there is a lot of money to be made. When he simultaneously falls in love for the first time, he ends up in a fierce dilemma about what kind of person he should be. For 18 days filled with action, love and drama, we count down to something that will change Emrah's life forever. Season3: With a family in ruins, 16-year-old Ibo is thrown into a new environment. There is only room for winners. The guys and the bus mean everything. Season4: Aisha is 19 and quick to judge others. But can she live with her own mistakes and lies?

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